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This is a story about a fellow named Glenn Who if you never met, you would definitely want to know

He`s a candy-eating, easy-going man of few words Who loves to fix up his `64 Elcamino'

One night he had a dream that he started a car club With a group of people who had talents he could use

The only thing he required that they all have in common Was a passion for unique cars and a desire to cruise

STREET DREAMS CRUISERS was the fitting name he chose And people came to join with him from near and far

Each possessing a vehicle that would make heads turn With the style and class of a Hollywood superstar

All of the members were like one, big happy family So it`s obvious who the daddy would most likely be

Along with his wife,Minnie, who would fine you just for breathing And is affectionately known to the members as  Ms.​ Minnie

There was Al Tazwell who always seems so serious. Otis Tyler who always laughs and keeps a smile on his face.

Rev. Williams the "Fake Preacher" and Skeet West who loves to joke And Kenneth Peagler the photographer who is all over the place

There were also many other men and women included in this group So it`s doubtful that Glenn would ever be left all alone

And even if all the other members decided to pack up and go He could always count on his buddy the club mascot "Tyrone"

They did parades and car shows all over the state. Church functions and nursing home programs with meals

And the meals were not possible without the expertise Of Elgin Taylor and Melvin Trotter, the " Masters of the Grill"

Suddenly, Glenn woke up and was relieved to realize that Street Dreams Cruisers is a pleasant reality

It`s people who laugh, have fun and have each other`s back All while serving and giving back to the community

To our President, who three years ago, with four members and a dream. From Cavalier Square he went forward and never hesitated

Thank you, Glenn, for leading us on to bigger and better things. Street Dreams Cruisers want you to know we love you


By: Samantha Meade ( step-daughter)


Street Dreams Cruisers

Vision, Mission and Core Values


The Vision of Street Dreams Cruisers is to become the best automobile enthusiasts organization in the eyes of our friends, team members and communities.


Our mission is to contribute back to the communities by providing our time and selfless services in any way that is needed, while maintaining a happy and fun filled environment with honoring our core values, working toward our vision and creating community value for our team.

P eople Before Things

Integrity Before Profit

Thought Before Action

A Honest Organization

Street Dreams Cruisers Membership Criteria

Member Information data sheet to be completed on the same day given.

No Membership Dues.

Must be 18 years or older.

Must dress accordingly in proper Team Uniform at all events and meetings. (no sagging pants allowed) Purchase of Team Uniform is  required

No Profanity. No Alcohol. No loud music. No spinning of tires or burnouts.

 Monthly meetings will be held every 2nd Saturday of the month.

President reserve the right to deny entry of any Vehicle.

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